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Being transgender and navigating cancer

Throughout my twelve weeks as an inpatient, I found myself scared to be open about who I was or ask to be named and gendered correctly. The irony of this is that I work in a transgender empowerment programme. The reason I did not disclose my gender identity was that I was scared of backlash, prejudice and that I would not get the care that I needed

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Creative Journeys with The Mollusc Dimension

SJ Zhang writes that healthcare providers need to take into account if you’re a person of colour, because “your background, heritage, your upbringing, [can mean] it’s a lot more difficult for you to come out to your family.”

Non-binary Press Releases and Statements

Response to Westminster Hall Debate on Non-Binary Recognition

Responding to Monday’s parliamentary debate on non-binary rights (23/5/22), Keyne Walker, a spokesperson on non-binary issues for TransActual said: “It is clear that the debate today was almost entirely disconnected […]

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No specific pronouns apply

I have friends beside me who know me mostly just by my name, and a loving partner who sees me beyond such labels and celebrates me for who I am. And when I am pushed towards the feeling that my lack of pronoun favouritism renders me somehow invalid or incomplete, these social supports are enough for me.

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Growing up outside the gender binary

  by Calley Zanelf Having grown up not identifying with the gender I was assigned at birth I, like so many other trans folk, endured daily struggles that I just […]