Write for TransActual

Have a story or perspective you would like to share about the trans and non-binary experience? Trans Actual is currently accepting submissions for our feature articles page. 

If you are interested in writing for us, please read the following guidance carefully.

For more information about our scope and remit as an organisation, check out the About Us section.

We are open to submissions on any and all areas of the trans experience. Check out our back catalogue and you’ll see we have posts on a wide range of topics from neurodiversity and trans refugees to navigating cancer treatment and homelessness. 

Our aim is to provide a platform for as many different aspects of the trans experience as possible. As this is potentially infinite, we cannot list everything we would like to receive submissions for but we have detailed several below that are of particular interest at the moment. Don’t let that deter you from submitting however if you have a story you would like to share that isn’t included. 

  • Intersection of the trans experience with race, class, disability, and neurodivergence
  • Perspectives and stories from trans sex workers 
  • Dating, making friends, community and isolation in rural, urban and digital spaces
  • Experiences with the police and other similar institutions such as social services and Councils 
  • What brings you joy? Stories and lessons from the brighter side of life during times that can feel pretty dark 
  • Trans interpretations of art and media: We’ve all heard the Little Mermaid trans allegory. What’s your hot take? Is Snoopy a demiboy? 
  • Being a trans parent, or seeking to start a family as a trans person 
  • Front line workers like teachers, healthcare providers, shop workers, delivery drivers etc. 

You can send your pitches by email to info@transactual.org.uk. Google Docs are preferred, but Word Documents are also perfectly acceptable. Please do not send PDFs.

We can pay £40 for a published article of roughly 1,000 words. We cannot pay more for longer articles unless specified otherwise.

Don’t sweat it. We want to hear from people of all writing skill and experience. Our Community Submissions Editor is here to help you find your voice and develop your idea. 

We recommend spending some time to really think the idea through. During call outs, we receive a lot of submissions, and have to make decisions based on what you send us. 

When submitting, try and answer these three questions in your email

  • What is the essence of the article? Describe your idea in one or two sentences. Keep it brief and to the point. 
  • Who are you? Tell us a little bit about yourself and your personal perspective.
  • Why do you want to write this piece? Think about why it’s important to you. 

Our editor will usually reply within two weeks, but please be patient. We are predominantly a volunteer-run organisation and will attempt to respond to every pitch we receive. However, if you do not hear anything within a month, it’s safe to assume that your pitch has not been accepted at this time. Don’t be dismayed though! We are always open to hearing your ideas, and will do our best to help support and develop them. 

Please don’t send finished articles. Wait until we have accepted your pitch and agreed on a deadline before sending anything in. Any submitted articles will be reviewed by our editor, who will review the article and suggest edits. 

After our initial publication and promotion of your story, you will retain the rights to it in all future media.

Please include all relevant links in the document upon submission, and provide fair-use images where appropriate. 

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