Trans Health
Information for Healthcare Professionals

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Training and consultancy

Find out how TransActual can help you and your colleagues to support your trans patients

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Supporting trans patients: info for GPs and surgery staff

Read our quick guides for more information on the support that GPs and surgery staff can give to trans patients.

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Trans inclusive healthcare

Learn why it is important for healthcare services to be trans inclusive, what the research says about trans people’s experiences in healthcare and what healthcare services can do to be trans inclusive.

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Mental health

Read the research around trans people’s mental health, what can be done to support trans people and where trans people can access mental health support.

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Policies and guidance on trans inclusion

We’ve collated links to NHS, regulatory body and professional association guidance on trans inclusive healthcare. You’ll also find examples of best practice trust and CCG policies.

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Read the research

Browse our directory of information and articles to learn more about issues affecting trans people’s health and access to healthcare.

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Trans inclusive services

Visit our directory of services to find a trans inclusive healthcare service.

You might also find our resources for trans people useful. Take a look to find out more about Gender Dysphoria Clinics, medical transition, and for additional signposting to support and information.

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