Who Are TransActual UK?

TransActual are working towards a world where trans people can live safely, in dignity and with access to the healthcare that we need. We’re a national, trans led and run organisation focussed specifically on working for trans adults in the UK. Our work is broad ranging, but we have a particular focus on healthcare and trans people’s legal protections. We also seek to raise trans people’s voices and raise awareness of trans people’s lived experiences.

TransActual UK was founded by a group of British trans people in 2017 as a response to increasing press hostility, transphobia and misinformation. We are run by the trans and non-binary communities, with the trans and non-binary communities, for the trans and non-binary communities.

In June 2020 we expanded our scope and remit to:

  • share reliable information about trans and non-binary people’s lives and about trans rights in the UK, as well as dispelling common myths;
  • amplify the voices of trans and non-binary people so that the wider world may hear the experiences of a wide range of trans men, trans women and non-binary people;
  • educate people about trans and non-binary people’s lives and the issues we face;
  • advocate for trans and non-binary people;
  • empower trans and non-binary people to bring about change in their lives and in the community.

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Our aims

We are working to improve:

⁠1. Trans and non-binary people’s experiences of healthcare;

2. Legal recognition & protections for trans and non-binary people;

3. Improved media representation of trans and non-binary people and an end to press transphobia.⁠ ⁠

TransActual are committed to ongoing community engagement. If you’re trans and/or non-binary and have a question about our aims and why we selected them, get in touch.

Our commitment to the community

TransActual are committed to ensuring our work is anti-racist and that an intersectional approach is embedded in all that we do. We make sure that people of colour, people of all genders (and none), and disabled people are actively involved in planning our work and making decisions.

As an organisation, we commit to ongoing community engagement work to ensure that we hear as many trans and non-binary people’s voices as possible.

You can read our equality and diversity policy.

Is there something else we could be doing?

If there’s something you think we ought to be working on, or if you’ve got an idea for a new initiative, we’re open to suggestions. Email us at info@transactual.org.uk.

More than a hashtag

#BlackTransLives matter is more than just a hashtag to TransActual.

We’re committed to:

  1. Amplifying the voices of Black trans people and trans people of colour through quotes, blog posts and through a report into the experiences of trans and non-binary people that is truly representative of the whole community. Our research will capture intersectional experiences so that we can shine a light on and work to improve the experiences of trans people of colour and the Black trans communities.
  2. Committing to ensuring that Black trans people and trans people of colour are represented within our organisation. Whether that be completing a survey, volunteering opportunities or the strategy meeting outlining our annual aims. Representation matters.
  3. Ensuring that there are Black trans people and trans people of colour on our board of directors.

Community empowerment and education

Community empowerment and education is at the heart of everything we do, whether that’s through the information we share on our website or on social media, or by facilitating a group session. A member of team TransActual can facilitate a session for your trans or LGBTQ+ group.

Training and consultancy

TransActual’s experienced team are available to train you and your colleagues around trans inclusion. We’re also able to offer consultancy on your organisation’s policies, literature and research design.

Healthcare providers will find more information about our healthcare-specific training and consultancy offer at transactual.org.uk/training

Other organisation types can email info@transactual.org.uk for more information on our bespoke training and consultancy offer and on our fees.

Speaking appearances

Our team have a range of specialisms and a range of lived experiences. If you’re looking for a speaker for your event, e-mail info@transactual.org.uk . It will be useful if you let us know how much you are able to pay, and if you’re looking for a speaker with a particular lived experience or area of expertise. When planning an event with multiple speakers, we encourage you to make sure that disabled people and of Black people and People of Colour are included in your line up.

How can you help TransActual?

Write for us:

We welcome article pitches from trans people and can offer a fee. Visit our Write for Us page for more information on what we’re looking for.

Volunteer with us:

To find out if we’re currently looking for volunteers, visit our volunteering page.

Help sustain our work:

TransActual are fundraising to ensure that our work remains sustainable. You can donate here.

Press enquiries

If you have a press enquiry, email our press office: press@transactual.org.uk.

Legal Stuff

We are registered as a Community Interest Company in England – Companies House number 12772196.

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