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Information for Trans People

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What’s happening with NHS phallo and meta?

If you’re on the waiting list for NHS phalloplasty or metoidioplasty surgery or if you’re just looking to know more about the current situation, find out more about the current situation.

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Support from your GP

Find out what support you can expect from your GP as well as how to change your medical records.

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Bridging prescriptions

Find out what a bridging prescription is, what you can expect from your GP and download some useful guidance that you can share with them.

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NHS Gender Clinics

This is where you will find out about NHS Gender Clinics (sometimes called Gender Identity Clinics, GICs or Gender Dysphoria Clinics), the waiting times and the support you can expect from them.

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Medical transition

A quick guide to medical transition for trans people in the UK. At a glance information on testosterone and estradiol levels, as well as which surgeries are (and are not) available on the NHS.

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Trans inclusive healthcare

Learn why it is important for healthcare services to be trans inclusive and what you can expect when seeking non-transition related care.

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HIV resources

A collection of resources for trans people relating to HIV. Read about being trans and living with HIV and find links for more info on sexual health, PrEP and PEP.

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Mental health

Read the research around trans people’s mental health, what can be done to support trans people and where trans people can access mental health support.

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Read the research

Browse our directory of information and articles to learn more about issues affecting trans people’s health and access to healthcare.

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Trans inclusive services

Visit our directory of services to find a trans inclusive healthcare service.

You might also find our resources for healthcare professionals useful, take a look to find information you can share with your GP and other healthcare professionals.