Autism Features Non-binary

Trans and Autistic: Navigating several social transitions

I find correcting people very difficult – it feels like another part of myself I must defend, another part I must explain to others constantly for a slither of recognition.

Autism Health Inequalities

A view from inside the system

by Elliot I recently started a medical role working in the NHS. As a black, queer, non-binary person with autism, I’ve found it a strange yet eye-opening experience.  Learning how […]

Autism Features Lived Experience

Trans and Autistic: A girl in name only

When I got my diagnosis two years later, everything started making more sense for me; every time socialising had gone pear-shaped, every time my sensory overwhelm had made me angry and ‘difficult to be around.’ All of those times I had never fit in with others were simply because we weren’t wired the same. 

Autism Features Transphobia

The importance of speaking up

It’s not easy for me to speak publicly about my autism, in large part because I’ve been taught all my life that ‘good’ autistic people are those who are not visibly autistic.

Autism Features Lived Experience Mental health

I’d rather be this’d than missed

I’ve known some online forms to literally only give 2 options for gender. It’s paralysing. Hovering over those two alien concepts. It’s almost worse when they add a third, ‘prefer not to say’ choice. As though anyone who doesn’t fit neatly into one of the binary options should be embarrassed about it; as if it’s something we must want to hide. No, I DON’T ‘prefer not to say’; I prefer to have my enbyness recognised.

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