Revolution couldn’t be more relevant

by Chay Brown (he/him) When I turned up to see The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but my assumptions were: 1. I’ll […]

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Lend us your voice

TransActual are looking to publish a book in 2024 that will help the public to reconnect with actual trans people.

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What happens if you don’t tick the right boxes?

Seeking medical care has never been straight forward. I have found myself lying about my identity. Ticking ‘woman’ or ‘female’ on forms. Ticking ‘white British’, ticking ‘straight’, and not revealing aspects about myself that should in theory help to inform the medical care and support I receive, but in reality have hindered that care.

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Response to census data on the size of the UK trans population

Responding to the release of the first UK census data to look specifically at the proportion of trans people in the UK population, jane fae, director of TransActual said: “I […]

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TransActual Launches Transition Access Survey Report 2022

As waiting times for access to transition-related care in the UK spiral inexorably toward ten years, major and timely research from TransActual UK – the Transition Access Survey 2022 – […]

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Creative Journeys with The Mollusc Dimension

SJ Zhang writes that healthcare providers need to take into account if you’re a person of colour, because “your background, heritage, your upbringing, [can mean] it’s a lot more difficult for you to come out to your family.”