Revolution couldn’t be more relevant

by Chay Brown (he/him) When I turned up to see The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but my assumptions were: 1. I’ll […]

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Lend us your voice

TransActual are looking to publish a book in 2024 that will help the public to reconnect with actual trans people.

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Analysis of the December 2023 Guidance on the Public Sector Equality Duty

The new Public Sector Equality Guidance ultimately changes nothing, though it may lead some public bodies to act unlawfully.

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Trans refugees in Kenya: “Right now we are on our own”

ncreasing numbers of LGBTQ+ people have fled to seek refuge in Kenya, looking for a place they can be themselves without fearing for their lives or for their families’ lives. But things are getting harder.

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Overcoming stigma

A stigma is a mark, a way to see or treat a person in a negative way because of their identity, their experiences or a health condition.  HIV stigma is when a person is treated badly because they are HIV positive or are thought to be HIV positive.

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Remembering who I am

I act for a living. That would make sense, what with going to drama school. It’s tough – brutal at times – but I love it. And I love being trans, in every capacity. Simply knowing myself to be ‘trans’ makes me feel whole. And being both trans and an actor makes me a ‘trans actor’ – I love that, too. But, prior to this year, I was stuck in a habit of forgetting who I am.