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Comments and Background on the Award of an OBE to Helen Belcher, Chair of TransActual UK

Reacting to the news today that she has received an OBE in the 2023 New Year’s Honours, Helen Belcher, Chair of TransActual UK, said:“I was very surprised to hear that […]

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TransActual Launches Transition Access Survey Report 2022

As waiting times for access to transition-related care in the UK spiral inexorably toward ten years, major and timely research from TransActual UK – the Transition Access Survey 2022 – […]

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TransActual Statement on the Government response to the GRA consultation

We are glad to see an announcement from the government today, but the contents of the announcement are disappointing. The changes are minimal. Of course, we are happy that steps will be taken to address the cost of obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate and there will be a move to reduce some of the bureaucracy involved in the application process.

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