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Reversing trans rights would be a constitutional nightmare – hopefully that’s enough to stop the Government from trying

The last few years have been dire for British trans people, with a constant churn of governments proposing whatever policies they can think of to make our lives harder.

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The Unending “Debate”

by Helen Belcher I’m really very tired of having my identity questioned. There’s a very binary way of thought which has gained credence across the UK media and other institutions […]

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The current ‘debate’ around transgender issues is a waste of everyone’s time, including yours.

Make no mistake, as far as the public conversation is concerned, there is no debate. There are no new ideas being suggested and tested, no scrutiny of evidence, nothing edifying or educational being added to public knowledge and attitudes. The flurries of angry tweets, dogwhistles and media clickbait are at best a waste of time and attention, and at worst a downwards spiral reinforcing negative stereotypes and peddling misinformation.

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Five Years in Ireland

This is a particularly important anniversary because it reveals one of the most pernicious lies about trans people, a lie spread widely by both the anti-trans hate groups as well as by the media. That lie is that cis women will be less safe in women’s spaces if trans women are allowed to use them.

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