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Trans Lives Survey 2021: Enduring the UK’s hostile environment

Released today (29th September 2021), one of the largest direct surveys of trans experience in the UK in 2021 makes exposes the shocking reality of the daily discrimination faced by […]

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What is Pride?

I sit here with so much more knowledge about my culture and my religion. Hinduism has a wide and varied history and mythology full of queer figures. This is a religion of genderflipping deities and queer heroes. It is a religion which recognises that people aren’t always male or female; there is a ‘tritiya prakriti’, a third nature. Which then begs the question, where did all that pressure to conform to normative society come from? What caused my self-hatred and denial and hurt for all those years? Why did I have this idea that I couldn’t be Hindu and queer?

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Black Transgender Lives Matter

I don’t want to become another statistic because someone thinks that they have the right to treat me however they see fit – whether that’s because I’m transgender or because I’m a woman.

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