The EHRC is no longer fit for purpose

What’s happening with the EHRC?

Recent letters from the EHRC, along with leaked documents, have revealed that the EHRC are working in active opposition to the safety and dignity of trans people in the UK. For the full story, read Ben Hunte’s series of articles on the current situation. Our very own jane fae has written a number of articles on the goings on too.

TransActual have joined with Stonewall, The Good Law Project and a number of other LGBTQ+ and trans focussed organisations in condemning the EHRC and asking the United Nations and the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANRHI) to call for a Special Review of the ‘A’ status of EHRC as Great Britain’s National Human Rights Institution.

The 19-page submission outlines substantial evidence that reveals the numerous ways the EHRC now finds itself falling short of international standards. It outlines a ‘complete absence’ of financial autonomy from the UK Government, and cites ‘excessive’ governmental interference – including ‘politically motivated’ appointments to the Chair and Board, many of whom have repeatedly and publicly demonstrated their opposition to the expansion of human rights, and whose appointments have drawn widespread criticism from NGOs.

Following the publication of the EHRC’s letter to Kemi Badenoch, Secretary of State for Women and Equalities, in April 2023, our Managing Director, Helen Belcher, asked a few probing questions of senior EHRC officers. You can read a transcript of part of the meeting here.

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