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Browse our entertainment library for recommendations on trans inclusive films, TV and books.

  • Disclosure – available on Netflix – a documentary about trans representation in film and TV throughout history.
  • Hannah Gadsby’s Gender Agenda – available on Netflix – a comedy special that brings together genderqueer comics from around the world
  • Next Goal Wins – available on Disney+ – comedy drama based on real events, with fa’afafine football player Jaiyah Saelua as one of the key characters.
  • The Roof – available on Disney+ – a short film by queer/Two-Spirit/Northern Cheyenne writer W.A.W. Parker, about a Cheyenne teen connecting with community.
  • Rūrangi – available to purchase online – Rūrangi is a film or TV series made in Aotearoa (New Zealand), following a trans activist who returns to his rural home town for the first time in a decade. Production worked closely with the trans community, with as many as 59% of cast and crew being gender diverse, and all trans roles being played by transgender actors.
  • Dead End: Paranormal – available on Netflix – an animated fantasy horror comedy that follows trans and gay teenager Barney Guttman as he begins work at a mysterious theme park.
  • Doctor Who – available on BBC iPlayer – In the 60th Anniversary episodes we see Donna return, with transgender daughter Rose, played by transgender actress Yasmin Finney
  • Good Trouble – available on Disney+ – spin-off series of The Fosters which also had occasional trans representation, this drama follows the lives of people from many different backgrounds as they try and figure life out.
  • Heartbreak High – available on Netflix – a show that does well to include LGBTQ+, First Nations and neurodivergent characters, played by actors of their respective communities.
  • Heartstopper – available on Netflix – a LGBTQ+ coming-of-age show based on the graphic novel and webcomic of the same name.
  • Our Flag Means Death – available on BBC iPlayer – a period romantic comedy about found family, with genderfluid actor Vico Ortiz.
  • Star Trek: Discovery – available on Paramount+ – in this generation of Star Trek we see transgender representation by transgender actors, particularly from season 3 onwards
  • Sex Education – available on Netflix – from season 3 some of the storylines follow Cal, a non-binary teenager, played by non-binary actor Dua Saleh, with more trans characters and actors joining the cast for season 4.
  • Dead Endia by Hamish Steele – a graphic novel series trans teen Barney and his friend Norma battling problems of the paranormal and worse, every day life.
  • Heartstopper by Alice Oseman – a graphic novel series following queer teenagers Nick and Charlie as they fall in love and navigate life, one of Charlie’s best friends, Elle is trans.
  • Jamie by L.D. Lapinski – a childrens book about an 11 year old non-binary kid who is told that for year 7 their friends will be separated into boys and girls schools, and their fight for awareness and acceptance.
  • The Trans Guide to Mental Health and Well-being by Katy Lees – Self-care guide by a non-binary, person centred therapist based in the UK, provides helpful tips for finding community and looking after yourself in difficult political and media periods.
  • The T in LGBT+ Everything you need to know about being trans by Jamie Raines – A book that is part autobiographical, part guide for trans people, particularly useful for those in the UK starting out their journey, with sections for allies.
  • Genderqueer and Non-binary Genders Edited by Christina Richards, Walter Pierre Bouman, Meg-John Barker – An academic resource from 2017, which covers a wide range of topics as they relate to genderqueer and non-binary individuals.
  • He/She/They: How We Talk About Gender and Why It Matters by Schuyler Bailer – A book by a trans athlete, advocate and educator that helps provide gender literacy through stories of his own experiences and others within the community.
  • Trans Like Me by CN Lester – This book looks at the conversations around trans people and discusses the work that still needs to be done
  • Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe – An autobiographical comic about eir journey of self-discovery, identity and coming out
  • Welcome to St. Hell: My trans teen misadventure by Lewis Hancox – A graphic memoir reflecting Lewis’ often tumultuous journey to get to where he is today.
  • Unmasking autism: the power of embracing our hidden neurodiversity by Dr Devon Price – This book is focused on autism, however Dr Devon Price is an autistic trans man and he includes his own voice and that of other trans autistic people in a conversation that often leaves them out.
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