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Trans refugees in Kenya: “Right now we are on our own”

ncreasing numbers of LGBTQ+ people have fled to seek refuge in Kenya, looking for a place they can be themselves without fearing for their lives or for their families’ lives. But things are getting harder.

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Reclaiming the Sunrise

On a good day I catch a glimpse of myself, a reason to grin. My smile feels like a blessing, permission to enjoy my existence and embrace the coming day. On a bad day I trace the scars of indecision on my face with my fingertips.

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Creative Journeys with The Mollusc Dimension

SJ Zhang writes that healthcare providers need to take into account if you’re a person of colour, because “your background, heritage, your upbringing, [can mean] it’s a lot more difficult for you to come out to your family.”

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Coming from abroad, falling between the cracks

by Maya Chew I arrived at the dimly lit Heathrow in the dead of winter. “You have a good day, sir,” said the immigration officer as I first set foot […]

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Activists Heat Up Following a ‘Summer of Trans Rage’

Dutch trans activists took to the streets on the 26th of June, marching past the Amsterdam University Medical Centres, home to the Centre for Expertise on Gender Dysphoria, the gender identity clinic (GIC) where around 80% of Dutch trans people are assessed. “This was definitely symbolic, as participants screamed Fuck het VU! Trans zorg nu! — Fuck the GIC! Trans healthcare now,” writes vreer verkerke, a Dutch trans healthcare activist. The 500-strong protest, organised by the group Trans Zorg Nu, inaugurated the start of their campaign ‘Summer of Trans Rage.’ 

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How can you support trans people in Kenya?

Harassment on the street, discrimination that prevents you from getting a job, and a transphobic landlord. All things that could easily affect a UK based trans person. For those of us with secure housing, we do at least have a place of safety to retreat to. Those of experiencing housing discrimination can, in theory, seek support to challenge the discrimination that the Equality Act protects us from.

In Kenya there isn’t a law to protect trans people from discrimination, in fact trans people are impacted by the homophobic, biphobic and transphobic laws that were originally imposed under colonial rule.

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