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TransActual are looking to publish a book in 2024 that will help the public to reconnect with actual trans people.

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The Rocky Road of Hormone Transition

Perhaps this feeling is a consequence, at least to some extent, of the near-ubiquitous before-and-after pictures of hormonal transition. These photos omit the difficult middle, offering instead an arbitrarily selected “after”.

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Activists Heat Up Following a ‘Summer of Trans Rage’

Dutch trans activists took to the streets on the 26th of June, marching past the Amsterdam University Medical Centres, home to the Centre for Expertise on Gender Dysphoria, the gender identity clinic (GIC) where around 80% of Dutch trans people are assessed. “This was definitely symbolic, as participants screamed Fuck het VU! Trans zorg nu! — Fuck the GIC! Trans healthcare now,” writes vreer verkerke, a Dutch trans healthcare activist. The 500-strong protest, organised by the group Trans Zorg Nu, inaugurated the start of their campaign ‘Summer of Trans Rage.’ 

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Remembering who I am

I act for a living. That would make sense, what with going to drama school. It’s tough – brutal at times – but I love it. And I love being trans, in every capacity. Simply knowing myself to be ‘trans’ makes me feel whole. And being both trans and an actor makes me a ‘trans actor’ – I love that, too. But, prior to this year, I was stuck in a habit of forgetting who I am.

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The Future of Trans Healthcare: Less is More

Calls for more funding are an understandable and desperate plea for improvements to the only system we’ve known. But funneling more money into a system which continues to fail us is not the answer.

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My learning disabilities don’t make me any less trans, or any less of a man.

But when I started to transition medically, it took a lot longer than other transgender people. When I asked for treatment, I had to wait a long time. They asked me loads of questions, like “you have a learning disability, so do you understand what transgender means?”  Someone told me I couldn’t possibly be trans, because it was “too complicated for me.”

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