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TransActual statement on NHS England’s decision to stop commissioning puberty blockers

TransActual condemns the new NHS England policy to stop commissioning puberty blockers for trans young people. This is a cruel new element of the war on trans youth. It will […]

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TransActual are looking to publish a book in 2024 that will help the public to reconnect with actual trans people.

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The Future of Trans Healthcare: Less is More

Calls for more funding are an understandable and desperate plea for improvements to the only system we’ve known. But funneling more money into a system which continues to fail us is not the answer.

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TransActual Statement on the Government response to the GRA consultation

We are glad to see an announcement from the government today, but the contents of the announcement are disappointing. The changes are minimal. Of course, we are happy that steps will be taken to address the cost of obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate and there will be a move to reduce some of the bureaucracy involved in the application process.


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The TransActual UK blog is a new and exciting addition to our work and indeed our website. Each month we’ll be bringing you new blog content from a wide range of trans people from the UK and abroad. If you’d like to contribute to our blog, please e-mail us.

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