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TransActual are looking to publish a book in 2024 that will help the public to reconnect with actual trans people.

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Trans people need you to be an ally

It’s a difficult time to be a trans person in the UK. Over the last couple of years we’ve faced a relentless torrent of negativity in traditional media, social media and in the political arena ranging from misinformation to downright hostility. It is wearing to have one’s identity constantly denied, to be ‘othered’, mocked and portrayed as a threat to others. That’s why having allies is so important.

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Is “the trans community” just a myth?

Most of the trans people I know are not primarily trans, by that I mean they are much more, they are truly multi-dimensional people. They are primarily fathers, mothers, musicians, engineers, writers, academics, etc. who just happen to be trans. Many of us will proclaim that it is the least interesting thing about us, it is just something we had to go through in order to be who we are, to reconcile  our identities with our bodies. If you like, it is something we have done rather than something we are.

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