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Activists Heat Up Following a ‘Summer of Trans Rage’

Dutch trans activists took to the streets on the 26th of June, marching past the Amsterdam University Medical Centres, home to the Centre for Expertise on Gender Dysphoria, the gender identity clinic (GIC) where around 80% of Dutch trans people are assessed. “This was definitely symbolic, as participants screamed Fuck het VU! Trans zorg nu! — Fuck the GIC! Trans healthcare now,” writes vreer verkerke, a Dutch trans healthcare activist. The 500-strong protest, organised by the group Trans Zorg Nu, inaugurated the start of their campaign ‘Summer of Trans Rage.’ 


Why the census matters

Census data matters. It is the basis on which government decisions – including the allocation of resource and spending decisions – get taken. No trans data, no dosh. Well: not quite. But it makes the arguing for all manner of things, from subsidies to protection from discrimination that much more difficult. And that is exactly why not just Donald Trump, but anti-trans groups in general have been straining every single propaganda muscle they have to get trans people either removed from census or at very least marginalised into insignificance.

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