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I’d rather be this’d than missed

I’ve known some online forms to literally only give 2 options for gender. It’s paralysing. Hovering over those two alien concepts. It’s almost worse when they add a third, ‘prefer not to say’ choice. As though anyone who doesn’t fit neatly into one of the binary options should be embarrassed about it; as if it’s something we must want to hide. No, I DON’T ‘prefer not to say’; I prefer to have my enbyness recognised.

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My journey into broadcast media

Local Radio broadcasting is a perfect venue to share that knowledge and experience. My programme, ‘The Rachel Oliver Show’, on Sonder Radio Manchester is firmly aimed at the transgender community and specifically with our allies and friends in mind. It’s a station essentially for the mature population of over 50s and is enjoyed by people of all ages.

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On the policing of toilets

Any change in the law would affect everyone, not just trans people. What about women who have facial hair due to polycystic ovary syndrome? What about women who don’t conform to stereotypes of what a woman “should” look like? These stereotypes, by the way, often have racist undertones. They’re stereotypes of what a white “woman” should look like. Lots of women already experience issues from other women when they use the toilets, but a change in the law could see them being excluded from public toilets along with trans people.

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Why speak out?

This is not a personal sob story. These are experiences shared by many people out there in the world, maybe less, maybe more, but all experiences as valid as each other. Many LGBT (and trans people in particular) face much of this, and over recent times this has increased. Despite living in a country where the laws that view being trans as a protected characteristic, there has been a dark element set out to demonise trans people, painting us as something we simply are not.

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Growing up outside the gender binary

  by Calley Zanelf Having grown up not identifying with the gender I was assigned at birth I, like so many other trans folk, endured daily struggles that I just […]

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Is “the trans community” just a myth?

Most of the trans people I know are not primarily trans, by that I mean they are much more, they are truly multi-dimensional people. They are primarily fathers, mothers, musicians, engineers, writers, academics, etc. who just happen to be trans. Many of us will proclaim that it is the least interesting thing about us, it is just something we had to go through in order to be who we are, to reconcile  our identities with our bodies. If you like, it is something we have done rather than something we are.

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