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Treat the cause, not the symptom

If you’re already on the waiting list for the Northern Region Gender Dysphoria Service, you are still on the list and will (eventually) be seen. If you’re already a patient with NRGDS, things won’t change for you.

The people impacted are those seeking a referral to Northern Region Gender Dysphoria Service.

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TransActual Launches Transition Access Survey Report 2022

As waiting times for access to transition-related care in the UK spiral inexorably toward ten years, major and timely research from TransActual UK – the Transition Access Survey 2022 – […]

Healthcare Press Releases and Statements

TransActual response to the updated WPATH Standards of Care

TransActual welcomes the majority of recommendations in the 8th version of WPATH’s standards of care. The new version, on the whole, represents progress in attitudes towards trans people and our […]

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