Health Inequalities

Disabled, trans and accessing Welsh healthcare

by Emory For my first appointment at Tavistock GIC in October 2018, I took a day off school to go. I had been waiting for 2 years for this appointment […]

Our Lived Experiences

Phoenix (she/her)

I have encountered access issues just trying to physically gain access to my GP surgery. The GP provided in my local town offers 2 disabled parking bays outside. However, neither bay is for wheelchair use, and so does not have the space next to them to be able to get into/out of the car into a wheelchair.

Press Releases and Statements

Trans Lives Survey 2021: Enduring the UK’s hostile environment

Released today (29th September 2021), one of the largest direct surveys of trans experience in the UK in 2021 makes exposes the shocking reality of the daily discrimination faced by […]

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