Post-op appointments

For surgeries involving regular follow up appointments, most of the appointments will be with a nurse. However, you can expect to have at least one follow up appointment with a surgeon.

SurgeryFollow up appointments
Hysterectomy4-6 weeks after surgery
Mastectomy7-10 days after surgery
2-3 weeks after surgery
6 weeks after surgery
Metoidioplasty7-10 days after surgery
2-4 weeks after surgery
Orchidectomy2-3 weeks after surgery
Phalloplasty – stages 1 and 2See the section on phallo
Phalloplasty – stage 32 weeks after surgery
4-6 weeks after surgery
Vaginoplasty8-10 weeks after surgery
Vulvoplasty8-12 weeks after surgery
Table of typical follow up arrangements for NHS surgeries

Before your post-op appointment, it is a good idea to write a list of things you want to ask and things you want to tell the surgeon or nurse about.

These things might include:

  • Telling them about issues you’ve had with healing.
  • Telling them about anything you’re worried about or not happy with in relation to the surgical outcomes.
  • Asking how you can manage any complications you may have had, and what can be done to repair them.
  • Asking when you’ll be able to do sports or go to the gym again.
  • Asking when you’ll be able to have sex again (if you’ve had genital surgery).

In your in-person post-op appointment (as opposed to the regular phone calls you might have with a nurse after genital surgery), your surgical site(s) will be looked at. You’re likely to be asked to take your clothes off, but only ever the relevant items of clothing. For example, you’d only be asked to take your shirt off if you’ve had mastectomy or breast augmentation. It’s a good idea to wear clothing that you can easily take on and off. The surgeon or nurse might also need to touch the relevant parts of your body.

If your follow up is online or on the phone, you might be asked to send photos of your surgical site(s).

In this appointment they will decide if you need any further treatment to correct any problems. If you’ve had stage 1 or 2 phalloplasty, or are having a multi-stage metoidioplasty, they’ll let you know if they’re happy to put you on the list for the next stage of surgery.

If there are any minor issues that can be dealt with immediately, these will be handled then. For more complicated issues, the team will book you in for further appointments and possibly for repair surgery if needed.

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