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Press release: TransActual to challenge ban on puberty blockers in court

For immediate release: TransActual to challenge ban on puberty blockers in court

On 4 June 2024, TransActual in partnership with the Good Law Project took the first step in an urgent legal challenge to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care’s recent order to ban the provision of puberty blockers to young trans people.

Russell-Cooke solicitors and senior barristers David Lock KC, Jason Coppel KC and Rob Harland have been instructed to advise on a legal challenge to the regulations. You can read the pre-action letter here.

We will issue the case in court as soon as possible and will seek an urgent hearing.

Initially, this will lead to the disclosure of the processes which the Department for Health and Social Care went through before introducing the order, and provide clarity on any remaining legal routes to access. Should a judicial review be brought forward, this will seek to quash the ban which has been introduced and all regulations associated with it.

To contribute to the legal fund for this action, please go to the crowdfunding page established by the Good Law Project.

Chay Brown, Director of Healthcare, said: “The consequences of this order are draconian and targeted. This ban risks the safety and wellbeing of young trans people, potentially criminalises healthcare providers and makes the UK one of the most restrictive places in the world for trans healthcare, all without having gone through the proper processes required by the law under which the ban was introduced.

“We believe this will likely lead to further deaths among the trans community, on top of forcing many through a puberty they do not want and will deeply regret.”

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