You are important to us

You and our other supporters are key to making TransActual’s work is a success. It’s important that you know you can trust us with any personal information you share with us. This policy explains how TransActual collect, use and store information and how we do that in a safe manner. This policy includes:

  • Who TransActual are
  • Why we collect information
  • How we use this information
  • How we collect information
  • How we will not use your information
  • How long we will keep your information for
  • Marketing
  • Your rights when it comes to staying in touch
  • How we share information with third parties
  • How we keep your information safe
  • The use of cookies
  • Your rights
  • Contacting TransActual
  • Policy updates

Who TransActual are

We are TransActual CIC, a trans led organisation ran for and with the trans community. For the purposes of this policy, references to ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘TransActual mean TransActual CIC.

Why we collect information

There are a number of reasons we might collect information (or data).

This can include:

  • Collecting e-mail addresses so that people can receive the newsletter and so that we can keep in touch with our supporters so that you can be part of our work.#
  • Collect information when you take part in one of our surveys
  • Collecting your name and contact details when you donate to us
  • Collecting your name, contact details and PayPal address when you shop in our online store
  • Collecting data is to make sure we are hearing from a wide range of voices within the trans community
  • Collecting data on our volunteers
  • Collecting your data if you sign up for a workshop or a project
  • If you share your experiences with us for the purposes of providing a quote for our graphics or writing an article, we are also colleting your information.

How we use this information

TransActual uses information to:

  • Analyse and report on community experiences and views
  • Keep a record of our financial contributions from our supporters and thank them for their support
  • Order your garments with our clothing supplier and keep you up to date with your order
  • Share trans people’s lived experiences on graphics that appear on our social media platforms, the TransActual website and that are stored in the Bishopsgate LGBTQ+ Archive
  • Share trans people’s lived experiences through our articles
  • Keep a record of our volunteers
  • Keep our supporters and community members up to date with our work
  • Share opportunities to take part in workshops, projects, or to work with TransActual

We will only ever use your information for the purposes you have consented to. For example, if you take part in a community voice survey then we will only use your information in relation to reporting on the survey. If you wrote something in the survey that we would like to use on a graphic, we would always contact you separately.

How we collect information

We collect information when you:

  • Make a donation to us
  • Sign up to our e-newsletter
  • Buy something in our online shop
  • Take part in a TransActual survey
  • Contribute a quote for use on our graphics
  • Write a blog post for the TransActual website
  • Sign up as a volunteer of offer to take part in a project
  • Sign up for a workshop or a project

When you visit our website, we collect cookie information which we use to measure the impact of our work and track visits to our website.

How we will not use your information

We use third party platforms (such as MailChimp, Typeform, SquareSpace, Street Shirts and People’s Fundraising) for the purposes of sending you e-mails, collecting your views, enabling you to sign up for a project or to volunteer, and for accepting your donations. We will never share your contact details with any other third party without first seeking additional consent. The only information we would share publicly are direct quotes, blog posts and your name and photo if you consent to that. We will never sell your data, and we will never share it with other organisations for the purposes of their own marketing. We are not involved in any data swapping schemes. When we use cookies for tracking purposes, we never use or download individual IP addresses.

How long we will keep your information for

We will only hold your data for as long as it is required. This will vary depending on the activity for which the data is being used. According to our obligations under the Data Protection Act and the GDPR, we make every effort to ensure that we only hold on to your data for as long as it is required. By company law we are required to retain information related to donations (such as donation forms and correspondence) for seven years (six years from the end of the financial year it is collected), at which time it will be destroyed.

Our data retention schedule is as follows:

  • Where you have contributed to our work by writing an article, contributing to a written resource, or contributing a quote and/or photo, we will we will retain your information indefinitely (unless otherwise requested).
  • Where you have made a financial contribution to our work (including by shopping in our online store), we will retain your information for seven years (six years from the end of the financial year it is collected) (unless otherwise requested).
  • Where you have signed up for a newsletter, we will retain your information for as long as we offer a newsletter. You are free to unsubscribe at any time, at which point your information will be deleted from our records.
  • Where you are a volunteer, we will retain your information for the length of time you are a volunteer or for two years since your last engagement (unless otherwise requested).
  • Where you participate in a TransActual survey, we will retain your information for two years (unless otherwise requested).
  • Where you participate in a workshop or a project, we will retain your information to the duration of the project. We may retain anonymised, aggregated data for use in written project reports, but individual records will be deleted.

It is, of course, your right to ask that your information is erased from our records whenever you wish. See information below about your rights.


As a community interest company, it is important that we are able to raise the funds to support our work. We may include details of fundraising initiatives in our newsletter, or in e-mails to individuals who have subscribed to our newsletter.

We will always act in line with our obligations according to the Data Protection Act 1998, the GDPR and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003. If you’d like to unsubscribe from the TransActual mailing list, please click the ‘unsubscribe’ option at the bottom of your email or by contacting

If you’ve changed any of your contact details, please contact For more information about your data please see your rights.

How we share your information with third parties

TransActual currently work with the following third parties:

  • Mailchimp – for management of the newsletter and mailing list
  • Typeform – for survey data collection and for signing up to projects, workshops and as a volunteer.
  • People’s Fundraising – for fundraising
  • SquareSpace – for website hosting
  • Bishopsgate LGBTQ+ archive – for archiving of the TransActual graphics
  • Street Shirts – our shop supplier. We send them your name, address and details of the garment you order and nothing more than that.
  • PayPal – for processing payments on our online shop

All of these organisations have their own privacy policies and are GDPR compliant. We are confident that their processes are secure and robust. These organisations will never use your details for reasons beyond the scope of our interaction with them. Aside from the third-party hosting services, only members of the TransActual team have access to your data.


TransActual UK does not have its own IT network, as all members of the team work remotely. Where your information is stored in the cloud or by third party organisations, we are confident in the security standards provided. Passwords to cloud storage, e-mails the third-party systems listed in this policy are secure and changed regularly. More information about the security standards of these third-parties can be found in their privacy policies. Any team member involved in handling your information has been trained in matters of data protection.


Cookies are small pieces of code which are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website, allowing us to recognise your device on subsequent visits. We use cookies to monitor the status of our website and ensure that it is running efficiently, to track and monitor the use of our website and to measure the reach of our work. We never use or download individual IP addresses.

Your rights

Under UK law, all individuals hold certain rights in terms of the information we hold on them.

These include:

  • viewing the information we hold about you
  • updating or correcting any information we hold about you
  • asking us to delete any information we hold about you, should you like it to be erased
  • the right to opt out of communication with TransActual, including marketing and fundraising.

To exercise any of these rights, you can e-mail

Subject Access Requests

You have the right to request a copy of the information we hold about you. This is known as a Subject Access Request. To make a Subject Access Request, please make a request in writing to Please mark the e-mail ‘For the attention of the Data Protection Officer’.

We may ask you to prove your identity or to provide more detail regarding your request. We aim to complete your request within 30 days of our receipt. We may extend the period by a further two months where requests are complex or numerous. If this is the case, we will inform you within one month of the receipt of the request and explain why the extension is necessary.

Correcting and updating your information

You have the right to correct or update the information we hold about you. This might include your name or your e-mail address. We will endeavour to act on these requests within 7 days of receiving your e-mail and will reply to confirm that we have update your details.

Deleting your information

You have the right to ask us to delete the information we hold about you. If you want us to erase the information about you, we will erase all information we are able to. If you have dontated to TransActual, you should note that we are required to hold on to all information relating to donations for a period of seven years (six years from the end of the financial year it was collected). In that case, we will retain the minimum amount of data that we are required to retain.

Opting out of fundraising e-mails

If you are subscribed to the TransActual newsletter, we may send fundraising e-mails from time to time. You have the right to opt-out of these e-mails at any time. We endeavour to act on opt-out requests within seven days of you contacting us.

Contacting TransActual

You can contact TransActual by e-mailing

Policy Updates

We will occasionally need to update this policy. If we make any changes to this policy, and we have your contact details, we will let you know. This policy was last updated April 2022 . Its version number is v3 and was updated to add details relating to our online shop.

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