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Statement on UK Government U-Turn on Conversion Therapy for Trans People

We are appalled but not surprised at the Government’s reported decision to row back from banning conversion practices for trans people. Just a few months ago, this same Government called conversion practices abhorrent. Its LGBT Survey of 2018 uncovered that trans people were twice as likely to be subjected to conversion practices, with Black trans people and trans people of colour vastly more impacted by them.

This decision to walk away from banning abhorrent practices leaves the most vulnerable in our society exposed to harmful actions disguised as therapies. It is notable that only those organisations opposed to trans inclusion have welcomed this decision.

We note that the Government remains committed to it’s Safe To Be Me conference. This conference is spectacularly misnamed. While conversion practices for trans people remain legal, it is clearly not safe to be me if you are transgender or non-binary. We urge people to consider whether attending this conference is sensible when the Government is rowing back on what appear to have been hollow promises.

We call on the whole LGBTQ+ community – and organisations supporting the LGBTQ+ community – to join trans people in protesting this farce of an event.

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