Template Letter to a Company

 [Your full address]

[And postcode]



To whom it may concern,

 I’m getting in touch because I notice that your forms are not currently inclusive of non-binary people. I am aware of your commitment to [*insert equality related statement from their mission statement, organisational values, or corporate responsibility plan] and I’m sure that you wouldn’t wish for any of your customers to feel excluded.

 You might also wish to note that non-binary people are protected from discrimination by the Equality Act (2010), as the protected characteristic of ‘gender reassignment’ applies to [us/them]

 There are some simple steps you can take to ensure that your forms are inclusive:

  1. Ensure that ‘Mx’ is included in choices of titles
  2. If it is absolutely necessary to collect data on gender, offer non-binary as an option. It is also useful to offer people the option to select that they identify in another way, with the option of adding the label for their identity.

 Taking these steps will help you to ensure that [*insert company name] is an inclusive [*company/organisation] that cares about the needs of all of its customers.

 [*If you know that a competitor does offer non-binary inclusive forms, it would be useful to mention this here.]


Yours faithfully,


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