Gender Clinics

What are Gender Clinics?

In the UK, people who are changing things linked to gender are supported by a set of specialist centres, often known as ‘gender identity clinics’ (GICs) or ”gender dysphoria clinics’ (GDCs), which offer formal diagnosis, psychological support, speech therapy, and access to other services like hormone medications and surgeries.

What do NHS Gender Clinics offer?

The services offered vary from clinic to clinic, but generally they offer assessment for hormone treatment and referral for gender confirming surgeries and hair removal, as well as initially monitoring hormone treatment and well-being in relation to gender dysphoria. Many GDCs offer counselling, peer support and speech therapy.

How can I access an NHS gender clinic?

Take a look at our Getting referred to a gender clinic page for more information on this.

NHS gender clinics

ServiceTo be seen (in months)To get hormones (in months)Total wait for hormones (in months)Referral
Aberdeen – Grampian Gender Identity Clinic34??GP
Belfast – Brackenburn Clinic Gender Identity Service75??GP
Belfast – KOI (young people)24??GP
Cardiff – Gender Identity Wales 15<1212-25GP
Edinburgh – The Edinburgh Chalmers Gender Identity Clinic23??GP
Exeter – Devon Partnership NHS Trust West of England Specialist Gender Identity Clinic8812100GP or
Glasgow – The Sandyford NHS Gender Identity Clinic (Adults)65??GP or
Glasgow – The Sandyford NHS Gender Identity Clinic (Young People)58??GP or
Inverness – Highland Gender Identity Service29??GP
East of England – East of England Gender Service
(Pilot clinic)
???See their website for eligibility criteria
Leeds – Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Gender Identity Service581068GP or
London –The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust: Gender Identity Clinic for Adults611071GP or
London – TransPlus
(New style clinic)
???See their website for eligibility criteria
Manchester – Indigo Gender Service
(New style clinic)
22??See their website for eligibility criteria
Merseyside – CMAGIC
(Pilot clinic)
???See their website for referral criteria
Newcastle – Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust Northern Region Gender Dysphoria Service???Not accepting new referrals
Northamptonshire – Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Gender Identity Clinic53962GP or
Nottinghamshire – Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust The Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health271138GP
Sheffield – Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust Gender Identity Service651681GP
Sussex – Sussex Gender Service
(Pilot clinic)
???See their website for eligibility criteria
The Northern Hub – for under 18s, coming soon
The Southern Hub – for under 18s, coming soon
Details for NHS Gender Clinics

NHS care for under 18s

A different waiting list and referral system operates for under 18s wishing to access NHS gender services in England and Wales. There is a national waiting list for NHS Gender Services for Children and Young People – currently there are more than 5,600 people on the list. Some people have been on the waiting list since August 2018. You can find the most up to date information about the referral process on the National Referral Support Service website.

About our waiting time data

Waiting time information shown on this page is taken from information given directly to by the services or from information published on their website. The waiting time information was last updated in April 2024.

Waiting times indicate how long patients who have just been invited for an appointment have waited for. As demand is currently increasing over time, this means it is likely you will wait longer than the time shown on this page.

Transferring to a different waiting list

The following clinics will honour your original referral date if you transfer onto their waiting list. Please note, there are different arrangements for young people transferring to adult waiting lists.

  • Cardiff – Welsh Gender Service
  • Edinburgh – Chalmers Gender Identity Clinic
  • Glasgow – Sandyford Gender Identity Clinic
  • London -The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust: Gender Identity Clinic for Adults

This information was based on information on the websites of the services when it was last checked, but you may wish to confirm what rules would apply to you by contacting the gender service yourself before arranging a transfer to them.

What is a pilot or new style clinic?

There were a number of pilot clinics in England, some of these are now out of their pilot phase. The purpose of these clinics is to explore a more holistic and comprehensive model of how gender clinics can function, with patient agency centred more in the process.

These clinics generally have a much shorter wait, but are only open to people who’ve already been referred to another clinic, and who meet particular requirements. Waits vary, usually depending on how long you’ve been on the waiting list for the other clinic.

How much will it cost?

British citizens are able to access the NHS and HSC gender services for free. If you are not a British citizen, you may still be able to access these services for free, and more details can be found on‘s Immigration page.

Patients in Wales being referred to gender services for children and young people will need to ask their GP to apply for funding from their local Health Board.

You may be able to get help with the cost of travelling to attending appointments at NHS or HSC gender services. Further information about travel costs can be found:

More information about travel funding is also available on the London GIC website.

Where can I find more information?

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