Press Releases and Statements

Statement: Response to the General Election result

TransActual would like today to congratulate Sir Keir Starmer on a historic victory for his party, and we wish him well as he takes up the office of Prime Minister. 

It is clear that the country has decided to vote for change, and we look forward to working with the new government in helping to bring about that change. At the same time, we would respectfully remind the Prime Minister that real change, when it impacts the rights and basic quality of life of minorities cannot be imposed from above.  

If you want to be a real ally, as he has previously stated, then “nothing about us without us” is a good maxim. Yet in recent weeks, we have heard many pronouncements from his office regarding trans people, based on zero input from the trans community.

There is a pressing need for politicians of all stripes to get to grips with the devasting day-to-day impact that years of hostile political and media rhetoric has had on trans people’s lives and safety

We hope that now the election is over, this, too, can start to change: that the listening starts today.

To our supporters, thank you for your ongoing support. We now have a new Government, and new Members of Parliament. Now is your chance to help them to listen. Get in touch with your local MP. Introduce yourself. Let them know about the challenges you face. Be part of the change.

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